View Full Version : Memory seat exit function?

05-03-06, 06:41 PM
My grandma just got a new 06 STS V6 lux sport with AWD (traded in her 05 V8 since it wasn't good in the snow). One thing that she mentioned to me after having the car for a few days is that the seat no longer moves back and the steering colum doesn't move up upon exit like her old STS to make exiting the car easier. After looking in the navigation manual, it says that to set these exit functions you need to go to the memory menu under vehicle configuration. The thing is, it doesn't have that memory menu button in the vehicle config menu(the manual shows the screen both ways, with the button and without). It even says in the manual "IF your car is equiped with the memory function.....etc." I just don't understand, the car should have this with the luxury and sport package. Why was her V8 STS model (which also had navigation) able to do so?