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05-03-06, 01:04 PM
In the next few weeks I will be swapping tires and rims around - Worn out F1's coming off and GSD3's going on the OEM rims - and some GY RSA EMT's going on Mille Miglia rims I just bought for winter (getting an early start).

My questions are:
1) If I get another set of TP sensors . . will they fit the Mille Miglia rims without any hassles?
2) And - do the sensors come with the retainer nut, or is that a separate item with its own P/N? I'm asking that because a defective sensor was replaced when I first got my V and there was no retainer in the package with the sensor :hmm:.
3) If I use one of the Mille Miglia rims as a spare with the TPS installed - will that mess up my DIC readout :confused:?

Thanks in advance for your answers/experiences on this.

05-03-06, 03:01 PM
Ah Ha! My first post! And only because I've done everything you asked about.

1) I have the Mille Miglia MM-S wheels (for winter) and the TPS sensors fit just fine. Just make sure you have the right ones for the V.
2) You gotta buy the nut separate. And they are not as cheap as you would think. Can't remember, but maybe $5 a piece. Got mine at a Chevy dealer since he had them in stock for the Corvette.
3) You'll have to re-program the TPS readout. Instructions are in the manual. Key in ignition and on (not running, though), hold both lock and unlock buttons until horn beeps. Then move around the car letting air out of the tires one at a time until the horn beeps each time. Drivers front, passenger front, passenger rear, drivers rear. The last time the horn will beep a couple times.

The one installed in your spare will not be recorded.

You may want to contact Geoff Green at Spalding Auto Parts (ggreen@spaldings.com). He sold me the complete CTS spare kit (tub, jack, wrench, etc) for about $20 + $9 shipping.

Good luck!

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05-03-06, 03:45 PM
A lot of owners are replacing the Goodyear F1 Supercar EMT Run-Flats (run-craps) with a non run-flat tire. The GS-D3s are just one example, and in some cases, Goodyear is crediting for the run-craps to make it well worth it. I've got less than 3K miles on my run-craps and already down to 5/32. GY is sending me a set of GS-D3s for N/C. Only mounting and balance. I think your 06 has GY RSA tires.

Anyway, then you'll need a spare tire set-up. Some of us have winter sets (I'm in Colorado) so we just use one of those as a spare. BUt then you need the jack, wrench, etc (http://cadillacfaq.com/faq/answers/spare/index.html).

Make sense?

05-03-06, 04:05 PM
Wow! :highfive: Thanks mike041357. You done good for your first post.
That's my next step is going to a GY dealer and see what sort of hassle they'll give me when I complain about the wear on the F1's. I already have a set of GSD3s that I bought from Florian and I'm hoping I can negotiate for the RSA runflats with GY. Any suggestions on how to approach them?

05-03-06, 04:19 PM
The Goodyear Customer Relations number is 800-321-2136. I had my local dealer (Discount Tire) call first to record tread depth, mileage, age, etc. and get a claim number. I then called back and pleaded my case. Don't forget to tell them you've been a faithful customer, etc. We agreed on an adjustment and they called my dealer back to make it all official. My local Goodyear dealer wouldn't help me out but I've had a long history (all good!) with Discount Tire.

The only thing is, I'm scared to death about them dis-mounting the EMTs without damaging the wheels. I've only had it done once, and no matter how careful they were, they still scraped the wheel. Of couse, they had to buy me a new one.

Make sure whoever does it sees the condition of your wheels, and watch them like a hawk.

Good luck!

05-03-06, 04:55 PM
Thanks mike for the info. I'm going to a GY dealer on Saturday 50 miles away. They're the closest tire dealer around that will work on runflats. :banghead: No Discount Tire or anything comparable around these parts. The joys of living in 19th Century Pennsylvania.

05-04-06, 09:02 AM
Does anyone else not have a spare? I have rims w/o a factory wheel to stick in the trunk--i substitute w/ an air compressor