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05-02-06, 07:45 AM
Visited a local Pontiac dealer this week-end to check out a new G6 for my wife. While I was in the showroom talking to a salesman I noticed a cowd of people outside surrounding my black and shiny "V"! Let me tell you, the car still has it! Among new GTO's and Solstice's the only car they were commenting and complimenting on was my V! And, trust me, they know what it's all about ..... the Q and A session I had lasted quite a while - I felt like a celebrity!

05-02-06, 07:52 AM
:thumbsup: :highfive: :bouncy:

05-02-06, 08:56 AM
Run far far away from the G6... blech.
A friend of mine leased a G6 GT with the 4 panel roof. It never sealed correctly and leaked air and a little bit of water. They went to fix it and they popped it out with a crowbar to replace it with a new unit. They dented the roof and wouldn't fix the dent. The new sunroof still leaked and finally got it bought back. Pontiac should be "oldsmobiled". (I had 2 oldsmobiles, RIP)

05-02-06, 08:58 AM

(sorry I just had to ;) )