: OK ... I'm a little confused. Upgraded Suspension Question

05-01-06, 06:11 PM
So I picked up my 06 CTS-V a few weeks ago and ordered it with the upgraded suspension package. Car rides and feels great.

I found out through a friend of mine who owned a CTS-V in the past that when he bought his with the upgraded suspension, he was given the stock suspension in a box.

My dealer told me that is not common and that the stock suspension is sent back to GM. He even went as far as to ask a "GM Auditor" (whatever that is) who happened to be touring the service area that day if I was entitled to keep the stock parts he he claimed that I wasn't. (I am in Canada is that makes any difference)

Does anyone know the truth behind this? Am I entitled to the stock suspension or is the dealer playing games with me? It isn't that I really need them or anything, it is more the principal of it. Those that have upgraded the suspension, did you get the stock pieces back?

05-01-06, 06:41 PM
I have the upgraded suspension on my 2005 and I didn't get the stock parts back. Honestly, I didn't even think about it at the time but now with all this discussions about it - it makes sense to be entitled to it.

Depending how others respond to this thread, I might be giving my dealer a call.

05-01-06, 08:44 PM
I'm from canada and i wondered the same thing . Maybe we could talk to GM CANADA and get them back?:bigroll:

05-01-06, 09:02 PM
The $1200 cost is for shocks and does not mean you give back the stockers!
Gm price if you buy them after the fact is the same as if you buy them at intial purchase!!!!! so what if you buy them after a year? the dealership says "give me back your stock shocks!" No way!!!
if you purchase durring the intial purchase of the car; shocks have full warranty. if you purchase after the fact you only get a "parts warranty"- no labor!!! Don't ask me how i know this!!!:rant2:

05-01-06, 09:14 PM
My situation was slightly different. I was anal enough to tell my dealer NOT to install the shocks. When I took delivery, the FG2 shocks were in the SPO box directly from GM. I know the option price includes installation but I got a very good deal on the car, so the dealer made out.

Bottom line: I have both sets and would not have let them keep my parts even I if had let them do the install.

05-01-06, 09:55 PM
Check part number on shocks on your car. Dealer owes you your stock FE4's in a box, as well as the FG2's on the car.

I'm going to wager the FG2's aren't on your car at all.


05-01-06, 09:55 PM
Bought my FG2s about a year after the car. Told the dealer I wanted the old ones back. They gave them to me in the box the new ones came in. They were right there in the trunk when I picked up the car. Maybe it's different when it's part of the car purchase? Moldowan-Kenobi says no. He has the Force. Stick wit wah' he say.

05-02-06, 12:38 AM
everyone above is correct from my understanding...

FG2 is a dealer installed option. This means that you basically buy the FG2 shocks, they ship from the factory in the trunk, and the dealer puts them on for you then charges GM for the installation (its cheaper to GM to do this than install them at the factory due to the amount of people who opt for this)...

This means that YES, you own 2 sets of shocks when you buy the FG2 package (the stockers and the FG2). You should get the stockers in the trunk with the car when you take delivery (sell them to a non v owner if you like to recoup some of your cost)....

You got bamboozled.... Go back to your dealer and get yo' money back boyeee...


05-02-06, 05:25 AM
I just picked up my 06 with the FG2 and I got the stock shocks in a box, which are now in my garage.

05-02-06, 12:14 PM
hmmm ... I better check out the suspension sooner than later.

I suppose the onlu way to really check is to take off the wheel and try to read some part numbers ... or is there a better way?

05-02-06, 09:14 PM

05-02-06, 09:21 PM
The shock part numbers are printed in black numbers on a yellow decal. With the car up on ramps one can see the part numbers.

The front FG2 shocks are 88962952.
The rear FG2 shocks are 88962954.

Original FG2 car here; the base shocks were in the trunk.

05-02-06, 09:25 PM

BTW, that CAGs elimiator you sold me is incredible ... makes the car 10x more enjoyable to drive

05-02-06, 10:50 PM
There is also one other indication on the shocks (and I'm going from memory here). On the FG2, the purple and yellow border is dashed or broken, IIRC. There are pics somewhere on this forum but I can't recall where :nono:


Edit: found a pic


Notice the black/purple dashed border? I believe you won't find that on ANY of the other shocks, only on the FG2.