: I need a part#...

05-01-06, 09:07 AM
what is the part# for the bushing on the passenger front side of the diff...its long and has a nut on the end...I hope this will help with some of the clunk i hear. I look up at it and it looked kind of worn. Its right above where the driveshaft goes into the rear, on the pass. side of the car. Also, can i change this or does it have to go to the dealer to do it.

Lindsay Cadillac
05-01-06, 09:23 AM
Part number should be 19121910

It's pressed in... You have to remove the differential from the car to get it out...

Texan V
05-01-06, 01:59 PM
Definate pain in the B to replace the diff bushing. Do you have a thumping / clunking noise? I replaced mine because it was totally worn and it got rid of my noise. The part is cheap @ GMPD, like $9.00

I remember seeing apost about this part not being replaceable and as a result the dealers won't replace it. Seems funny to me that you can buy just the part even though it's supposedly not replaceable.

05-01-06, 07:40 PM
james is something that you can get done fairly fast...Ill make another trip down if so...i was there about 3hrs last time...so thats fine.:thumbsup:

Lindsay Cadillac
05-02-06, 06:51 AM
It's not too bad... Probably 2 to 3 hours from when you get here... Let me know if you want to bring it down and I'll make an appointment for you...

We could also do your swap for you if you get the new piece from Stealth...

05-02-06, 07:43 AM
Absolutly...thank you. Ill get that stealth thing at the end of the week. so maybe next week. Also, what about the specter bushings if ya have a set ill take them too, if ya can put them in, that will be great.

Lindsay Cadillac
05-02-06, 09:52 AM
Next week will work... We're expecting the cradle bushings by the end of this week or the first of next week... So, once we have those we could do all of that...

05-02-06, 11:46 AM
Alright, I'll bite. What's the super secret Stealth piece :hmm:


05-02-06, 06:25 PM
if i tell it will spoil my afterpost..:tisk: love ya, but youll have to wait and see..:stirpot:

05-11-06, 07:17 PM
Old thread but you would think someone would make a polyurethane bushing for this. Can someone point me in the right direction?