: 2000sts trouble codes

frank sambol
01-22-04, 11:27 AM
I have a 2000 seville sts with 175,000 miles , 90 % highway miles.

my problem: check engine light comes on and when checked the same two trouble codes appear p0432, main catalyst effiency below threshold, (bank 2)and p0765, shift solenoid "d".

I have a car chip that gives me continuos readings and both these codes occur in the same time frame, sometimes 5 minutes apart , or sometimes 2 hours apart.

I do not use dealer service, various mechanics have suggested everything from installing a new catalyc converter, new transmission, new o2 sensors etc

This situation has occured for the last 60,000 miles. car runs fine, good fuel mileage low oil consumption.

has anyone have a similar problem, what is the fix

please advise

Geno Castellano
01-22-04, 02:49 PM
When you say you have a car chip that gives you continous readings - what do you mean? Were the codes appearing without this "chip" or did you add this to find out what was causing the codes? The cat efficiency code could be the cat itself or either of the oxygen sensors in front or behind the cat.

The shift solenoid code wouldn't require a new transmission! But I'm sure your advisor would love to sell you one. The shift solenoids are located in the bottom pan and easily accessible by dropping the bottom pan on the transmission and removing the valve body to the bench. The valve body has to be separated and both shift solenoids are easily replacable without dropping the transmission or anything. Pretty simple job, actually. Is the transmission shifting alright? If it is then it may be a connection or intermittant shift solenoid problem.

You might check the engine grounds and the ground connections at the battery (both at the battery terminal and teh chassis ground and engine grounds). That would be a possible commonality between those two independent systems if the codes are setting simultaneously.

01-23-04, 07:57 PM
The 'car chip' he is refering to....is a tiny little code reader that plugs into the OBDII port and can display stored data on a PC.

You can kind of see it here....hard to get their website to work....



Geno Castellano
01-23-04, 11:06 PM
You learn something every day. I didn't realize that "carchip" was a brand name.