: LS2 efilive update

04-29-06, 08:21 PM
For those interested.

EFILive FlashScan V2 supports the LS2 and LS7 engines. FlashScan V2 is due for public release in the next couple of months.

See here for more information on the status of FlashScan V2:

Our current product, EFILive FlashScan V1, does not support the LS2/LS7 engines.

Paul Blackmore
EFILive Limited

04-30-06, 01:53 AM
So Chris, did you change your name to Paul, or did you just get a little too happy with the copy/paste?

04-30-06, 08:49 AM
Just copy/paste from an email from them. I've already got 200 miles on my car and it's still stock. I'm getting ansy.