: 4t80e production changes 95-9

04-29-06, 10:38 AM
Im researching the changes between 95-9 as I want to install a 99 trans in my 95.
From what Ive seen so far its including(but possibly not limited to)
Wiring harness
(seal plug is a different size ) 95-6 39.35mm,97-9 36.25mm
input speed sensor
running change 4/96 dont know the reason or if compatible with newer years
quite possibly an improvement as Ive heard of older ones failing.
TCC solenoid
95-8 used one style,99 changed.
Im told that 99 can use the 95-8 but PCM must be reflashed.
Im guessing the soleniod has a differnt value but cant yet confirm.
If anyone has anything to add to help me make the transisiton it would help.