: northstar swap into another car, a few questions

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04-28-06, 01:06 PM
does anyone know:
the physical dimensions of the engine(without tranny)?
how much boost the northstar can take reliably?
the redline rpm?
are they unreliable? I have heard some bad things about head gaskets....

i'm contemplating doing something similar to the many fiero northstar swaps. I'm torn between using the L67 3800 SC series II or the transverse Northstar. Both share the same bellhousing so it comes down to size, reliability, and potential.

04-28-06, 08:06 PM
28"W, 26"H, 31"L 400lbs bare, 415 ready to run, 470 with full accessories.

Or so I've heard.

A stock motor should take 6-8psi so long as you run good enough gas. Forged internals and the sky's the limit really.

Headgaskets are a PITA if the motor's in the car. If you get one with a blown HG you can probably get it cheap. While you have it out, timesert it, keep up with coolant changes and never worry about it again.