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04-27-06, 08:11 PM
What was the fuel tank size on the 77-82 cars? I just saw a web site that says they were 24 - 26.5 gallon. Did they use the 71-76 26.5 gallon tank? I would LOVE to put one of these on my 94!!!


There is a lot of room back there, that would be ideal for the long trips and keeping as much lower cost gas in the tank as possible before the price jumps yet again....

04-27-06, 08:19 PM
My 83 has a 24.5 gal tank. The diesels had a 26 gal tank.

04-27-06, 08:20 PM
According to my owner's manual, the nominal fuel tank capacity for a 1977 DeVille/Fleetwood is 24.5 U.S. gallons.


04-27-06, 08:21 PM
Wonder if a diesel tank can work? Hmm.... there is enough room back there for 10 more gallons. But it would be getting closer to the bumper (or would it be a BomBper then??)

04-27-06, 08:31 PM
But it would be getting closer to the bumper (or would it be a BomBper then??)


04-29-06, 10:45 AM
OK, but is it interchangeable? I mean, the ´93 -´96 has a in tank fuel pump. No conversion problems? I would like a greater tank, too.

04-29-06, 10:54 AM
How big is the gas tank in those cars now?

04-29-06, 11:18 AM
In the 93-96's, it was 23 gallons. 25 gallons for the Roadmaster/Caprice/ Custom Cruiser wagons. In the 90-92 models, it's 25 gallons. I think they started using the 25 gallon tank in '88 IIRC.

04-29-06, 11:34 AM
My 83 has an in tank fuel pump, I'm pretty sure all fuel injected cars do. You guys ever consider putting a small fuel cell in the trunk to suppliment the stock fuel tank?

04-29-06, 12:46 PM
I know how big the tank is in the older ones. I was just wondering if it was a lot smaller in the Fleetwoods and that's why N0DIH was asking because that's already pretty big the way it is.

04-29-06, 01:46 PM
I have a 23 galllons in my ´96. It´s a plastic tank, I had a metal-tank in ´88 Brougham RWD. What´s the 25 gallons in the Roadmaster/Caprice/ Custom Cruiser or in the 90 - 92 models? Thanks.

04-29-06, 02:00 PM
Both If I'm not mistaken. I know the 90-92 model is, as I read it out of the '92 Cadillac brochure right in front of me. I'm about 95% sure on the R/C/CC though, but I'm not positive.

05-01-06, 02:22 PM
OK, but is it interchangeable? I mean, the ´93 -´96 has a in tank fuel pump. No conversion problems? I would like a greater tank, too.

Good point.
For non-fuel injected vehicles their tanks will NOT be provided with a baffling system that keeps fuel from sloshing (like hard cornering, especially during low fuel level conditions) and starving an electric fuel pump. In general electric fuel pumps work at higher PSI than carbed vehicles (the LT1 works at 48 PSI max.) and hates being starved of fuel. Sucking air is bad and doesn't promote longevity.....

I'm running into the same problem with my 71 Camaro that I want to slap an LT1 into. I need to convert it to an electric pump with a baffling system; since it never had factory fuel injection, there is no easy tank to swap in that fits and has baffling. One solution (ghetto) is to keep the fuel level above half-a-tank.
Other solution is to cut out the bottom of the fuel tank, weld in baffles, and then weld in the bottom of the tank.

Logistics, man. :bighead:

05-01-06, 03:09 PM
Check a GN Regal tank, it is slightly smaller (18 gal) but should have what you need, and shouldn't be a hard fit. I have a 80 Turbo T/A, so I know the car. But you will end up with a filler neck with a unleaded fuel restrictor.

That can be fixed....

05-01-06, 03:12 PM
I thought about a G-body tank, actually. My dad had an 83 cutlass that I looked over closely that seemed like it could almost work.....

I think I took measurements and there was some discrepency that scared me away....
But that was a long time ago. I forget.

05-01-06, 03:16 PM
Can you adapt a 3rd or 4th gen tank and have the filler relocated?

What about the Riviera V6 Turbo tank?