: HELP!! 94 Cad Fleetwood PROBLEMS!!

04-23-06, 06:02 PM
We are having multiple problems with our 94 Fleetwood. I was wondering if anyone had any useful info that we could really really use?!?!? It would be greatly appreciated!!

1.Breaks push back when you try to stop.
-Constant clanking coming from the front driver tire. We checked the breaks and they are good. Tightend them up and it stopped for maybe a day or so, but after that....same ole!

2. Headlights! The low beam headlights keep going out. End up having to rewire because wires are melting. Whats up with that??

3. Electric Issues! It seems like nothing electrical works in the car. None of the interior lights will come on. The buttons to move the seats, only about 2 or 3 of them work. You can move the seat up and down or forward and back. Other than that none of those buttons work. The driver window refuses to go up all the way. We end up having to pull and then push the button, pull and push ect....

4. The ac and heater only blow air and nothing else!!

OMG!! After all these problems, we got pulled over and they towed our car. Now the car will not even start. The battery is good but it seems that there is something hoolding the gas back. We partially unhooked the fuel pump to see if it was working. No gas is coming out of it all when you pump the gas. What in the world would have stopped the pump from working?? They towed it, thats all!!! What in the world?? Is there maybe a fuse that needs to be replaced that would stop the fuel pump from turning on ?? I need some mega help. Finances are limited right now so I can't afford to take it to the shop. Please help me if you can!!!!!!!! christinaangela0@aol.com

04-23-06, 06:34 PM

Deep, slow breaths. Calm, tranquil. OK.

This car has antilock brakes, so some pulsing and push back from the pedal is to be expected, especially in hard braking. If the condition is severe, the front rotors may be warped and will need to be machined on a lathe to restore the proper surface.

Melting wires are sometimes caused by an overvoltage condition. Make sure that your alternator is charging correctly and that all your battery cables are secured to the correct locations. Also, be sure the wires are not in contact with anything hot, and that the bulbs are the correct type for this car.

The key to the rest of your problems should start in the fuse block. Check all the fuses to be sure they are not blown. Replace any bad fuses. Check the inoperative items to be sure that all the wires are tightly connected. Beyond that, major electrical gremlins are out of my baliwick.

As for the AC, is the system charged with freon? An uncharged system will blow air that is not cooled. Lack of heat may be a symptom of a blocked/disconnected heater core. Good luck, and I'm really sorry to hear of your troubles.


04-23-06, 06:35 PM
First of all, calm down, stop posting messages in bold print (and don't make duplicate threads).

Problems happen, and I myself had to get my '95 flatbedded last month from a parking lot, but all is well now.

Your car is 12+ years old, so problems are certain to arise.

1) I'm guessing ABS related...some pulsation or vibration is normal if coming to a hard stop. More than that, there might be something wrong, but it's hard to tell. A constant shaking or vibration under all braking, though, is normally warped rotors.

2) Are you sure you're using the right bulbs when replacing them?

3) This might be related to the lights problem too...ever replace any fuses? Did you use the right ones?

4) I'm guessing your heater core is clogged and needs flushed...do a search in this thread for heater or heater core, and that should give some idea.

04-23-06, 09:45 PM
From your post it seems you may not be familiar with your vehicle. Twelve year old cars don't just start falling apart as you may be implying. Maybe a little history of the vehicle and when you received it, so we could point you in the right direction. The above replies are an excellent start.

You say, "the ac and heater only blow air and nothing else". So, you are saying you have no heat and no cold air? Generally, two separate problems unless the interior control unit is the problem. I think finding a mechanic you trust would be the best place to start. Fixing the problams you have described will take a little money. You can tackle each problem individually, as money allows, except possibly the two electrical issues which may or may not be related. Get the brakes fixed first if they are so bad to be dangerous. The heat and A/C can wait till the other issues are fixed.

Get diagnostics and repair estimates before you let unknown mechanics start on your car. Feel free to pass on what you find if you want second opinions, and some rational replies and comments.

04-25-06, 10:17 PM
According to my fiance, he says that your brake problem could possibly be caused by your master cylinder going out, and your electrical problems are casued by your computer system in the car (He's dealt with these same issues before.).:thumbsup:

04-26-06, 01:38 PM
WHen you turn the key forward (run position, not start) can you hear the fuel pump turn on and run for about 3 seconds??? It is supposed to do this.....

If not running then you may have the common problem on melted or shorted wiring in the gas tank at the fuel pump assembly. This causes intermittent or no operation since the wiring insulation melts back and the wires touch (short out) and possibly is causing other electrical gremlins. Possibly everything else is related to this issue..... ???? Might be worth investigating.

Since money is tight, and if you drop the fuel tank and discover melted wiring, here is an alternative fix to buying a new fuel sender assembly: