: Heater control valve is missing on my 84 307.

04-23-06, 05:26 PM
This is for a 84 307, I hope y'all can help
Ok it's getting hot, I got the electric touch climate control back working (had to run a jumper wire to the blower resistor). but I still need need to get the a/c system pressure tested. blahblahblahblahblah Ok getting back on topic heat blows from the vents all the time, even with all 5 windows down it does not help. So I thought the heater control valve was bad. So i go to the heater core lines. I just see two lines running to the core and back the motor. Hmmmmm. My Chilton book says it should be on one of them lines. (!problem!) So i go to autozone to get another one, here in the kicker that makes me :crybaby: The Heater control valve at autozone had a threaded end on it and it was vacuum operated.

My problem is I don't know what is suppose to screw on it, and I don't know where the vacuum line is that goes to it. Wish this book had a pic of it and not a this is where it should be.

04-25-06, 06:14 PM
well i got it fix it turn out that the valve snap off. It took a 3' cheater bar to get the old one out. I know I'm going to get to many replys since i have a older 307. but i will post some pics later. I still need to find the vacuum line that controls the valve.

04-25-06, 07:06 PM
So i had to get a big ass socket to get that out.
BTW the socket set is from wal-mart and it a pretty damn good set. I had to pull out my cheater bar. It's about a 3' gas pipe. As you can see I bent it a little bit.
Here is the new vs the old

04-29-06, 08:35 PM
The vac line for this valve goes from the valve to the heat/ac control in the dash.

Unless you have Tempmatic. Then the vac line will go from the valve to a programmer behind the glove box. Remove the screws inside the glove box then slide it out. Look for a plastic vase-like programmer with vac lines and levers. If it is there a black plastic vacuum line should be connected. If there is no programmer then you don't have Tempmatic.

In this case you will have to remove the heat/ac control in the dash and check to make sure all the vacuum lines are connected. The purple line goes to engine manifold vacuum.

Since you have your glove box off check the heat door. This door directs air between the heater core and the a/c unit. It should be connected to the programmer with Tempmatic or the warm/cool lever via a cable without Tempmatic.

Hope this helps. Good job figuring out where the control valve goes.

05-07-06, 05:45 PM
I do have Tempmatic aka electronic touch climate control
I found a great olds site, but they were a little lost too. But one member did say this. Link (http://www.oldspower.com/vb/showthread.php?t=22445)

That is a nipple, not a valve, 84ZZ may be correct and it is controlled inside the air box

So thank you caddydream for telling me how to get to the tempmatic system. When i chage the temp. I here motors running but the doors don't block off the heat. Also when i press "Heat", "Auto", "Def", and etc. The motors do work fine, In changings it from floor face and windshild. "Auto" works fine too. I hope a dead bird it not stuck on the door in the air box.

I will get at it on mon. or tue.

05-09-06, 05:13 AM
Well i got :) It is control inside the air box. I just like to know what I'm getting into before I take things apart. Heck i did not even have to take out the glove box. I just pulled off the panel above the glove box. I tested all setting but i saw one motor that jerked but not move. I will let the pics talk.

First was removing the heater core/ A/c core shell. I did not know this thing had about 20 mini bolts holding it down. And the bolts were 3 different sizes.

Here is the main control flap. This thing moves alot for 1984. I surprise it's not broke. I did clean out the dirt. Here is a video of me playing with the settings

Here is the stuck door for the heater core. I just locked it in place so it will stay close. Later on like winter time if the car is still around I will try and see why the gears jammed. Or just have a wire sticking out the dash to manually control the door.
The stuck motor gear.

It looked like the air box was sealed with some kind of caulk when the heater was changed long ago or not. So I scrap off the caulk and put some more random water proof caulk back on it to keep it air and water proof.

So i got a few things fixed and many more to go :)

Fixed list
1. drivers seat half way fixed
2. electronic touch climate control fixed, but still no a/c
3. Plugs and rotor button replaced, still need cap and wires
4. Radio fixed
5. gas leak fixed
6. Power antenna oiled
7. PS belt and Alt belt replaced, a/c belt looks alright
8. New to me overflow
9. Both front doors work, just can't lock em (oh well nothing to take inside)

05-11-06, 05:50 PM
Happy I could help!