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04-23-06, 10:49 AM
Hey folks

I have a 90 Brougham lt antelope paint(ex Florida). Body and doors are mint. Need trunk cover(rusted lip) and interior leather standard seat covers (Med Antelope). It has the 5.0 carburated and I am going to replace it with a 5.7. How involving is it to go to a fuel injected(ie control and wiring harness) from carb , or should I just build a strong 5.7 carb engine. Any sources for the seat covers (would consider d'elegance seats in med antelope) or the trunk lid (rust free)? Also need drivers door arm rest pad.


04-23-06, 10:59 AM
In '90, the Olds 307 was still the 5.0 engine. You have choices with Olds engines all the way up to a 403 on this one, a lot of guys around here know alot about Olds engines. Converting to a 350 FI would be a lot of work, unless you could just find a doner 90-92 with the 350 TBI, in which case, still a lot of work. Try Cadillacking.com for the trunk lid and the door arm rest pad. Good luck!