: Impala SS guage cluster in a LT1 FWB?

04-22-06, 10:32 AM
Is it possible at all to put a 1996 Impala SS guage cluster in a '94-'96 Fleetwood Brougham? The FWB's guage cluster doesnt have enough info for me, and the '96 SS has the tach, speedo, fuel and temp guages I really like. Or is the size/layout different? If thats not possible, are there aftermarket guages that go on the A pillar?

04-22-06, 10:41 AM
No. Completely different size, shape, and layout...and different plugs/electronics too. The dash is just entirely different.

But, as was discussed several times before (in a thread you started, I think), you can add gauges on the A-pillar, using the pod piece made for a Caprice/Impala SS. You just have to get the gauges you want, and figure out how to wire them up.