: beautiful cars

04-20-06, 02:30 PM
My friends dad is a crazy rich old man and a bit of a car collector. last time I counted them I lost count at 52 cars. hes bought several since then. Last night we were driving around in a 92 lincoln he picked up and we went to one of his storage places to hang out. I walked into the building and there were only about 6 cars in there, but 3 of them were caddys. One was a 1973 sedan deville in decent shape. the second was a 1988 fleetwood in good condition except for the plastic fillers and headliner. had 66K miles on it. and the other was a PERFECT 88 brougham triple blue with 38 thousand miles. I wonder how much that thing would be worth. Any way my friend let me take out the crappier one and we drove around in it for about 3 hours. it was great, ran like a dream. his other cadillac include a 92 STS and a 05 XLR. I think thats it...maybe ill remember more later.