: I thought this was funny!

03-21-03, 11:24 PM
This is supposed to be a true story about a recent wedding that took place at Clemson university. It was in the local paper and Jay Leno made a reference to it on the tonight show.

It was a huge wedding with nearly 300 guests.

After the wedding at the reception, The groom got up on the stage with a microphone and said he wanted to thank everybody for coming, many from long distances, to support them at their wedding. He especially wanted to thank the brides and his own family and to thank his new father in law for providing such a lavish reception.

As a token of his deep appreciation he said he wanted to give everyone a special gift just from him. Taped to the bottom of every chair including the wedding parties was a manilla envelope. He said this was his gift to everyone, and asked them to open their envelope. Inside each of the envelopes was an 8x10 color glossy of the bride being F--ked by the best man!

The guy had apparently gotten suspicious of them a couple of weeks before the wedding and hired a private investigator who took the photo.

After standing there for a couple of minutes just watching all the guests looking at their pictures dumbfounded. He turned to the bride and said "F--K you!" and then turned to the Best man and said "F--k you!" Then turned to the crowd and said "I'm outa here" and left! He had the marriage annulled the next morning.

While most guys would have cancelled everything when they found out about the affair, this guy decided that the revenge would be huge by acting like nothing was wrong and going through with the wedding. Making the brides parents pay the $32,000 dollar cost for the 300 guest reception and best of all trashing the brides reputation in front of 300 of her family and friends!

Elegant wedding reception with 300 guests...........$32,000

Wedding photographs commemorating the occasion..$3,000

Deluxe 2 week honeymoon accommodations in Maui....$8,500

The look on everyones faces when they see the 8x10 of the bride getting F--ked by the best man.........Priceless.:banghead:

03-21-03, 11:34 PM
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is horrible!! Funny as hell, sweet revenge. :banana:

03-21-03, 11:59 PM

The truck driver (contract carrier) who does all our local deliveries has an old Anglia that he hires out for weddings with himself as chauffeur. About a year ago, he told me this exact same story. In his version, he was told by the groom to wait with the car ready to go.

Barney wandered into the entrance to the hall & witnessed the speech, then drove the groom to the airport to enjoy the "honeymoon" by himself.


Urban legend? Common revenge? What opinion do the conspiracy theorists out there have on this one?

03-22-03, 12:04 AM
Probably urban legend! I thought that the thing was hilarious....If it really ever happened, even better! It sounds like the kind of thing that I'd come up with if I was in the situation.....Funny that your truck driver claims to have been there....Sounds like a typical truck driver! F.O.B.S.

03-22-03, 10:57 AM
Originally posted by kcnewell
...Sounds like a typical truck driver! F.O.B.S.

LOL.....yea it does!:banana:

03-28-03, 02:54 PM
Wow! Definitely more exciting than my wedding!!

03-28-03, 07:06 PM
Originally posted by jerseyMan
Wow! Definitely more exciting than my wedding!!

Ummm... Yeah. I don't think any of us married guys would have really WANTED this kind of excitement at our weddings. :eek:

Now at a wedding of a "friend" or relative that we're attending because we "should"... :p

03-29-03, 12:59 PM
I heard this story a couple months ago too. Wether it happened or not... who knows, but it's funnier then hell so who cares. If I was in that situation I'd probablly do the same thing and enjoy the honeymoon all by myself.