: help with some error codes 96 etc.

01-19-04, 11:00 PM

i got a "service emissions system" message today. i checked the codes and i go the following
PC0101,PC0603,PC1520,TCOO73,RF2560.. my car is a 96 eldorado 111k miles.i have determined the following:
pc0101 is mass air flow sensor performance. should i replace the sensor?
pc0603 control module long term memory rest. no idea on this one.
pc1520 transmission range switch circuit. no idea on this either.
can't find tc0073 or rf2560. i rememeber the last time i got a "service emmisssions system" i cleaned the egr. it was a metal tube with a little piston inside. it was full of carbon.

any help would be appreciated.
todd cerami

01-20-04, 10:37 PM
PC0101... is actually the MAF sensor out of range...meaning that there is possibly an air leak between the MAF and the throttle body or the MAF needs cleaning if there is oil all over it. Sometimes using a K&N airfilter that is over oiled will cause the MAF to foul and set the code of out of range.

PC0603...PCM keep alive memory reset....battery disconnect or dead battery will do this. Possible indicator of an intermittantly bad battery, battery cable or ground cables. Check the battery cables and terminals thoroughly for corrosion , looseness, etc.. especially up inside the wire near the terminals. Look for puffy insulation on the cables indicating corrosion inside the cables.

PC1520...Park Neutral or PRNDL input problem...possibly the neutral safety switch is misadjusted or has internal corrosion. That is the switch on the top of the trans at the manual input shift shaft where the shift cable moves the trans gear selector.

TC0073...PCM/TCM interface fault...the traction control module has lost communication with the PCM...maybe a traction control module problem or a wiring or connector issue if this code persists.

RF2560...RFA message validation error...startup issue validating the message sent over the serial data line during key up. Unless it persists I wouldn't worry and/or the grounding/battery cables could cause this too.