: Need help finding a part...

04-19-06, 04:27 PM
Howdy gang... :)

Gotta bit of a search going on for a part (I'll post an image of it below)...


The part that is circled, #9, is the part I'm looking for... It's part of the HVAC system on my 2000 Catera. It is the section of the AC line that has the high pressure valve fitting on it for testing pressure and whatnot for R134-A...

I have some connections here at work, and one of them knows a guy in the parts department at the local Cadillac dealer... They quoted me $195.65 for the part...

Anyone know where I could possibly get it cheaper? Any help would be appreciated! If you need any more information from me, I'll do my best... :)


04-20-06, 07:19 AM
Rockauto has this part for $153.79 + shipping. A little cheaper.

ACDELCO Part # 1531201
TUBE,A/C CNDSR {#24434961}


04-20-06, 10:15 AM
Thanks a lot!

Now that I know the AC Delco part number, things will be a lot easier in searching as well... :)