: It's a good thing I enjoy working on it...

04-19-06, 12:35 PM
Because it seems like a never ending job! Ok, I have a 2000 Catera Sport, and inspite of everything, I stll love the car! My wife thinks there is something wrong with me, and I'm starting to agree. First of all, I'm replacing the rear shocks, one is leaking oil. The best price I found from a dealer was $306 a piece. OUCH!! NAPA lists them for $76 a pair and yes they are air shocks. Anyone tried these shocks from NAPA? I'm curious if they go on easy and are comparable to the OEM shocks. Also, I replaced the Heater Control Valve about a year ago, and now it looks like it is leaking again! What are others experiences with the life expectancy of the HCV? I thought they would last longer than a year. Considering the car, I have no idea why I would expect that. The car only has 57k miles on it! Since I am also about to do the Valve cover gaskets, it shouldn't be a big deal to do that as well.

I appreciate your thoughts/experiences!

04-19-06, 08:47 PM
I'm happy for you, and it is great, that you are enjoying your car. The Catera can be a heartbreaker for buyers who think it is a Cadillac, a DETROIT Cadillac, that is.

And believe it or not there are still buyers out there who purchase their new (to them) Catera without realizing the "special" nature of the car . . . . with respect to repairs, I mean.

And this is 2006!! The last Catera was manufactured back in 2000!!

You'd think by now word might have leaked out.:)

Perhaps the "Cadillac" nameplate shines so brightly that many are blinded.

Anyway and regardless, on the shocks:

With that kind of a price delta it looks like a no brainer to me to try the NAPA shocks.

Also suggest you discuss with them terms of any warranty they might offer. Even if there is not a special, dedicated, warranty, the shocks might be included in a "general" warranty, the kind offered on anything NAPA sells.

This thought just to protect you against early failure, or unsuitability discovered not long after installation.

Of course there are other vendors selling Catera shocks for prices below GM prices:


It is not difficult to undersell GM.

But I still would buy from the source offering the best backing for their shocks. Or if you decide to buy a name brand (e.g., Monroe), the warranty might come directly from the manufacturer.