View Full Version : 98 Cat Fog lights: moisture issue

04-18-06, 08:43 AM
98 Cat Fog lights: moisture issue
All the seals and rubber covers look and conbnect well... but there is always some moisture (droplets of water) in my fog lights... which makes the bulbs burn out quite fast, any ideas?

(I even have one that is un-seated (noticed this weekend while cleaning the car...) phew, caught it before it ended up being history somewhere on the highway... will be fixing that tonight.

04-17-10, 06:33 PM
I was experiencing the same issue only it was my drivers side fog light housing, What I did was dismounted them both and when I got them inside the house after a couple of minutes the drivers side housing had dried out nice and clear. Next step for me was to check them both for any crevices or small holes where air or water can get in. Rocks, parking at a curb during winter and there is a mound of hard snow and ice,can hit up against the bottom of these housings and crack holes in them, thus allowing air and water to infiltrate the electrical contacts and bulbs. Now its time to nip it in the bud, I purchased a tube of silicone that some use to repair aquariums and sealed around the area where the lens connect to its housing and the rear( black casing area) connection, any where that air or water can get in. Then of course I reinstalled them both. Now this may sound a little crazy but forgive me for being over cautious, I even apllied some silicone around the rubber boots, Hey after plenty of wear and tear even air and water can flow in past those. It doesn't necessarily glue them to the housing , but serves as backup protection.