: Lost power steering fluid rapidly. Is there a hose?

04-17-06, 06:01 PM

I was driving my 96 STS the other day and lost my power steering. I got out of the car and saw the fluid pouring out under the car down below the master cylinder area. The fluid completly drained in a matter of minutes. I guessed it blew the hose since it drained so quick, but for the life of me I cannot see a hose running from the power steering fluid master cylinder. Does anyone know where the hose is, or, how to get to it? Could it have blown something else? Thanks for all replies. dv..

04-23-06, 11:43 AM
I just replaced the tranny in my 94 STS and I can tell you there is a steel line hose combo that runs from the left front frame rail under the trans then hooks to the power steering gear it runs right under the master cylinder the best way to inspect would be to pull off the left front tire and take a look the steel line is between the trans mount and the trans case just follow it around and you will see where it hooks to the gear