View Full Version : Clutch noise?? Any Help??

04-17-06, 01:29 PM
Hey guys I recently got an 06 CTS-V and it only has 400 miles on it and the clutch since I got has been making a "clicking" noise everytime I push it in to shift?? I dont think its normal but, and havent had the chance to take it in, probably will take it to Cadillac tomorrow but does anyone have the same problem or any info?? Thanks alot

04-17-06, 09:37 PM
I had this problem too on my 06 I just got under there and looked all it was...was the parking brake cable had slid over and was catching on the clutch pedal. I just got a zip tie and tied it over so it wouldn’t happen again.

04-17-06, 10:31 PM
Thanks man, I actually ended up taking it today to Cadillac and they said it was something with the lubrication, but I dont know