: Overheating issue

04-16-06, 09:46 PM
I'm relatively new to this site. I own a '98 Catera. I've recently had nearly $5000 of work done to the engine, cooling systems and suspension - and the car is still not right. The latest thing is this, when the car has been sitting for a while upon turning it over there is a very loud fan noise that goes off and stays on for about 1 good minute. it'll shut itself off, then come back on again for a few more seconds then go off. It sounds like the fan you'd hear when you car is getting hot. The second thing I'm noticing is that the car will routinely stay above 1/2 mark on the temperature. It gets up to the mark between 1/2 and 3/4 and then it'll start to cool, but only if I'm driving faster than 40 mph. If I'm doing under that, it will sometimes get up to the 3/4 mark before it cools. I am not used to a car getting that hot before it cools. My last car was a chrysler, and it never made it to 1/2, it always stayed at the 1/4 mark. Cadillac is saying that this is normal for the car to get that hot before cooling. Is this true, for those who own a catera. I've never known a car to heat that hot before it decided to cool off.

One last thing, when it gets that hot and I've reached my destination and turn the car off, there is a whining noise emminating from the hood, sounding like something is caught in some fan, like there should be a fan on, but the pully that works it is just spinning on the belt and the belt isn't moving kinda noise. It will do this anywhere from a minute up to three minutes before it finally dies out. Cadillac again is saying that this is normal. I don't buy it, but in the city I'm in, no other mechanic wants to deal with the engine on this car, citing that it's too complicated to repair or diagnose.

Has anyone experienced this? If you have or haven't do you know what might be causing this? What should I be looking for? What under the hood is getting ready to fail?

Please help me try to nip this in the bud before it escalates into something major or rest my mind on this issue to say that its truly normal - which i just cant fathom.

Please email me at grantger@msu.edu or use the instant messenger icons above to give me your opinions of what's going on.

Thank you!!