: New member from Texas

01-19-04, 12:10 AM
Hey there new member from Texas. I must say that I luv this site, it's really interesting to read all the different opinions from other members about what Cadillac has to offer.Given the general response from most members I think its safe to say that almost everyone seems to be pleased with what they see from GM.I'll admit that when I first saw the CTS I was a bit skeptical about the design, but now I simply love it. The CTS will definitely stand out in a crowd and to me that is a good thing. I searched high and low to find spy pics of the new STS and until recently only came up with camouflaged pic, until caranddriver posted one along with the new Merc SLK, I almost fainted I mean to me the car looks damn good, like a more mature athletic version of the CTS without being overthetop.One concern that I do have is with some of the negative comments being made about Caddy and their new styling theme, for one BMW and Mercedes adopt the same styling theme within all of their models with little differences and their viewed as automotive gods for it, Caddy is the first domestic car company to really challenge the Germans on their terms and show them we can play in their league and I love them for it!

01-19-04, 08:18 AM
:welcome: What's your ride?