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04-16-06, 06:36 AM
Whas Up Folks,
Well, I Noticed The Highs In The Caddy Were Not Fully There, So Next Time I Was Parked, I Listend 2 The Passanger Drivers Side, And I Noticed The Tweeter Was Nto Working Anymore. The Drivers Side Works, The Passangers Doesnt.
I Took Of The Cover, N I Noticed That This Tweeter Has 2 Capacitors..........wtf?? For What.
So No What, Can I Get A Regular Tweeter, Or Does It Need To Be Cadillac Specific???
Mann, I Love My Caddy, But Somethings Just Make It Harder Haha.

Thanks 4 The Help


04-16-06, 08:39 AM
Likely not, you can remove it and check the ohms (the impedance) of the speaker. GM used some 10 ohm speakers in the past.

Yes, you can change to a lower impedance, industry standard is 8 ohms. Likely 8 will not harm anything, but does change some of the loading on the amp (more load), so you might with a good ear, hear the difference left to right, if you don't replace the other.

The caps are low frequency roll off caps, they protect the little tweeter from low freq sound that is intended to go to the main speakers. It is possible they are bad, you can ohm the speaker first, see if you see resistance, if so, good, then just temp short out the cap, keep volume down so you don't blow it, if it works, the cap is bad, see your local Radio Shack, they probably have one to replace it, just bring in the old one. Note the polarity! Some are polarity sensitive!!

Having the cap there is a sign of a better stereo design, so that is a good thing. By all means all tweeters should have them, or have them in the crossover network.

04-16-06, 11:54 AM
Hey Thanks Man, I Appreciate Your Help On This. I Can Check The Ohms By Placing My Multimeter, Ohms, On The Plus N Minus, Without The System On Correct? Sorry Im Kind Of New To The Electronics Part, Although Im Very Interesting In Picking Up New Info.

Also, Today, While The Radio Was On, The Speaker Came Back On, But It Almost Sounds Like Its Not Making A Clean Connection. There Is Static Noise Coming In And Out. I Took Off The Cover Again And Moved The Wires, See If Something Became Unsoldered, But Nope, Everything Is Soldered. I Didnt See Any Breaks In The Solder Either, Although I Guess I Can Run A Simple Continuity Test?

Thanks Again, Ill Check It Out


04-16-06, 06:19 PM
speakers over time need to be replaced...

Especially if you run them on high for long periods of time and frequently it's better to replace the whole most of the time for optimum sound.

Or just cancel them out....

04-16-06, 11:26 PM
It is possible that the speaker itself has an intermittant connection. GM connectors are pretty bulletproff, so it does sound like the speaker.

The speakers are a moving coil, so eventually it will get brittle and break. The wires are super thin....

Yes, + (red) and - (black) on the meter on OHMS scale, radio off, and speaker disconnected.

04-17-06, 12:14 AM
Thanks Again,
I Was Lookin At The Speaker Yesterday, And It Just Seems That Its Kinda Glued On. I Dont Want To Break The "grill". If I Were To Replace The Speaker, U Guys Recommend I Connect 2 Identical Caps ???


04-19-06, 01:53 AM
You want to make sure they are same value, same voltage. The % tolerance can be sloppy (20% is fine on caps), that won't matter much at all. But the voltage too low might blow easy, too high will only cost more, so too high is ok.

If you install an aftermarket crossover, then you can remove the caps, else keep them.

04-20-06, 12:27 AM
Thank U Nodih.

I Been Workin Late All This Week, So Im Goin 2 Mess With It This Weekend.

We Havea Few Tweeters At Work, Ima See If I Can Snatch One, Looks Like The Size Of The One In My Car

Thanks Again