View Full Version : a/c comp. squeals above 1200 rpms...

04-15-06, 09:47 PM
I can't find any info on this particular issue today is hte first time I'm aware of this happening.

When I have the a/c on the compressor squeals when I step on the gas over 1200 rpm or so. Otherwise at idle it doesn't

It squeals and then it looks like it wants to lock up sort of.

I'm thinking a bearing or bad clutch but I'm not familiar with a/c systems does anyone know if I just have to replace it or can I fix it?

The squealing is kind of like a grinding loud enough to be heard inside the car. Then the comp plate moves slightly like it want to lock up or something.

04-16-06, 08:31 AM
You aren't over filled are you? I just accidently overfilled mine and it would do some rough acting stuff. I stuck my gauges on (you can get a cool dual high/low pressure gauge from Meijers for $20) and the pressure would start to build then suddenly skyrocket to 350 psi, very violent. Expected pressure was 250. So I removed some freon and all is fine.

Honestly, those fill kits with low pressure only gauges are a joke, high pressure monitoring is key, low pressure shows virtually nothing useful. You cannot gauge the fill with low pressure.

Mine didn't squeal, it did get violently rough. Likely compressing liquid freon, which will destroy a compressor in short order. Same as hydrolocking an engine. BAD news.

04-16-06, 10:59 AM
I filled my a/c system last year. It was working fine until yesterday.

the belt is less than 6 months old and the tensioner pulley is new....

I'm thinking it's the bearing that can't take the load of hte higher rpms it gave out...

It used to be slightly noisey more than normal but you could only hear it under the hood. Now it squeals when your rev up the car like if there's metal on metal contact.