View Full Version : Could This Mean a bad EBTCM ?

04-15-06, 12:55 AM
During cold starts, i have to slowly drive the car off the parking lot until I hear a noise for a second that sound like something is trying to engage, and then the TCS/ABS light will light up for a sec and then goes off. If I drive the car a little too fast, the TCS/ABS will not engage and will light up. Restart will turn off the light and I will have to repeat the process again. The funny thing is, once the TCS/ABS engages successfully, i won't have the light for the rest of the day, unless i don't use the car for a long period of time that it cools down to a level like a cold start in the morning. Now, the TCS/ABS light also lights up during hard breaking on slippery surface. It won't light up if I am driving fast and the traction control activates, it will only stay lit up when i activate the ABS function of the module, specially when driving down a slope and i need to brake a little hard at the bottom. My analysis is, the TCS/ABS light stays on whenever the ABS is activated. I have the speedometer and the tachometer working during all these, so I am guessing that the sensors should be fine. Is it safe to assume that the module is going bad and needs replacement? I tried to disconnect the connector to the module and spray it with WD40 to take off any moisture if there is and clean some debris if there are any. The connections looks fine and clean. The cleaning didn't do anything. In the past, once in a while, I will have the TCS/ABS light up but after restart it will not come back again, and it happened very seldom, but these days, it's been happening almost everytime i use the car. And just like i described, I will have to give time so that the TCS/ABS function of the car engages before i do some normal driving. Any input is most welcome.