: Major vibration (Diff problem and or???) need input

04-14-06, 01:27 PM
I have just started noticing a major vibration in the car and thru the stick shift. Its seems most noticeable in any gear from the point of shift thru the first 3rd of each gears power band and when going around corners particularly when turning right. I thought at first I might have lost a weight on one of the rims so I pulled all of them, no weight missing, I rotated them to see if that would change anything (not).

So I checked again and noticed that on the right side of the diff were it bolts to the cradle the rubber bushing on the diff is torn and partially sticking out. I am sure this is part if not all of the problem, but I don't remember anybody talking about heavy vibration when talking diff problems.

Another potential issue: of course when crap like this happens you slow everything down turn off the music a try to feel and listen as closely as possible. I noticed (not always) when stopped in first gear clutch in (DUH...) an occasional faint grind like metal/metal sound/feel like ??? clutch plate or??? Any ideas... need input help please.

04-14-06, 07:57 PM

04-14-06, 08:17 PM
Since I've never heard anyone have a "vibration" from a diff bushing, I'd think something else is the problem.
-If you're feeling it through the stick, you could have an issue with the tranny-mount(a new issue if that's it).
-You could also have an issue with the rotating assembly on one of the rear wheels, but then I think you'd feel it from more than just the tranny.
-You may have an honest problem with the tranny. Unfortunately, that is something that most dealerships soil their shorts when faced with repair. It's expensive to replace or the techs don't know ANYTHING about it's internals. I sincerely hope that your problem is not in the tranny, as I've been fighting with my dealership/GM for 9months for a repair/replace. A judge will soon be making the decision...
-Perhaps you've found an issue with the flywheel...as the low-rpm vibration is supposedly reduced with the dual-mass. This may be your opportunity to swap out the dual-mass to a solid/lightweight unit...
If the diff bushing is really crapped-out, it could allow the whole rear to tilt or be thrown out of true on turns, which could cause a vibration.

Have them change the bushing. If that doesn't work, then you go from there.

Good luck,

04-17-06, 01:09 PM
I just had to have my two engine mounts replaced. It feels smoother now. Car 'rattled' for about 1/2 second when shutting off (sounded like the car was deiseling).


04-17-06, 02:43 PM
Similar problem, but not exactly the same. I have a significant grinding sound when turning right, especially with transmission in neutral (but no sound when the clutch is pushed in). So, I guess we have the turning right problem in common.
Yeah, and I can definitely sympathize with your last comment about totally tuning in to every sound and vibration emanating from the damn car. I swear, we're all nuts. But to our credit, we're only driven to the edge by Cadillac and GM who take care of us oh-so-well.

04-17-06, 05:17 PM
I figured it out last night. Threw the car up on jack stands and fired it up. No transmission problem, thank God!!!

The differential at curtain speeds sounds like its bone dry. :eek: Vibrates, shakes, and ............you name it.

Oh well, at least I know what it is. Now to find out how good my dealership is; they have been great until now.