: GSD-3's for $300!

04-14-06, 06:33 AM
Thanks to GY (and this board for the incentive to even call GY and ask for assistance).

Put 245/45s up front and 275/40s in back and the total cost to me, including mounting, tax, etc. was $297. Gotta love that. On the other hand, I got 6K out of my Supercar EMTs. Gotta hate that.

Radial Tire did the work and did an excellent job. So far, I like the tires. Seems like the wheel hop is gone (the tires are much less likely to spin though, which is okay with me). The 275's are so freakin' big! I love the tread design of the GSD3s. I have had Toyo T1-Ss before and they had a similar design. I like that they are so aggressive looking - matches the car.

When I was at Radial, they pulled a previous gen M5 up along side my car and I commented that the V vs. the M5 would make a good race to a couple of the shop workers and they both said "NO WAY!!!" the V would crush the M5. Well, we know it wouldn't "crush" the Bimmer, but it was cool how much respect they were giving the Cadillac!

Anyway, thanks guys for the good tip. I'll save my Toyo T1-Ss that I have in my basement until the GSD3s wear out. Its nice to know that I have a replacement set of tires - though it will likely be at least a year, if not two, before I need them. They are in bags... do you think I'll have a problem with holding 'em for that long?

04-14-06, 09:05 AM
So how many miles did you have on the tires and were all 4 worn out?
My rears are bald at 6K but I have some miles left on the fronts.
I rotated them this past weekend and I have a track day on the 24th.
I hope they last that long!

04-14-06, 09:51 AM
About 6300 miles. They were all at about 4/32...