: Fuel Quality: Should I use walmart gas?

04-14-06, 03:20 AM
This question was asked on the CTS forum and I posted the response.

I think it is worth cross posting here and I welcome anyone's comments.


The above is my CONCLUSIONS based on research online. Feel free to post your comments if you have experience in the oil/gas industry as I am looking to improve this, or you can e-mail me.


04-14-06, 07:42 AM
"Top Tier" gas for best results in a cleaner engine over time. Pumps / stations should advertise the fact they have Top Tier gas. If they do all of the octanes there have to be the Top Tier standard.

(Disclaimer - The following is opinion, not science fact)

One recommendation by some folks is burn the same gas for several thousand miles (Chevron for example), then switch to a different brand (like Shell) and use it for the next several thousand miles. Reason being the different additives used by each company will be noticed by the other's gas additive and help clean off any deposits left by the other.

Thanks for the post and added FAQ Reed. :)

04-14-06, 11:49 AM
Excellent information guys.
I was not aware of this Top Tier program and appreciate your research.

Interesting to me that Exxon/Mobil is not on the list considering their advertising of high detergent products. :suspect: Guess the key words there are "their advertising".

BTW Reed, that FAQ rocks! :thumbsup:
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04-14-06, 12:23 PM
i heard something about this top tier and they were saying it is good. cleans and leaves not deposites

04-14-06, 01:24 PM
Great read, Reed. (sorry)

I've found that the ideal situation is to buy from the brand station NEXT to walmart/costco, etc. They have to compete on price so are almost always the same.

04-14-06, 01:55 PM
Great read, Reed. (sorry)

I've found that the ideal situation is to buy from the brand station NEXT to walmart/costco, etc. They have to compete on price so are almost always the same.


cts-v ls6
04-14-06, 05:01 PM

I put 52k miles on the V last year and Costco/Walmart gas is all I use. My V was dyno tuned to run on 87 octane by DTE in Ft. Wayne, IN, and it runs great (361 rwhp). I get about 25-26 mpg at 70 mph, and about 20.2 mpg around town. I am giving up about 1.5--2 mpg on the highway and about 10 rwhp, but I don't care.

My company has sold industrial equipment (mostly pumps of all types) to refineries for 43 years. I have been at a refinery more than once and seen 4 different brands of gasoline tanker trucks backed up to the same off-load facility, so yes, it's all the same gas. The manufacturers do use different additives. Wal Mart gas is Murphy Oil Company, and they're a world class organization. Don't always think that because the price is low, that the quality is low! I have ordered this reformulator and will advise how it works.
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04-14-06, 08:10 PM
Here's some more fuel to confuse the fire. :hmm: Good friend of mine is a 2nd generation Sunoco station owner. He says, in part, the independents right down the street from him buy gas at several distributors (big names and no names) and get a better price because they're buying surplus refinery capacity gas. His point hit home when the independents went from 10 cents cheaper to 30-40 cents more expensive than the brand name stations during that short and crazy period post Katrina.

Reed, interesting thread you started...you must've put some time into it. Thx.... just another reason I just signed on to be a supporting member...wealth of info on this forum.

04-14-06, 09:21 PM
Good data. But it funny when in the NE all of this goes out the window when the oxygenated/winterized gas comes. Guys in the NE with aftermarket tunes beware between Oct and March. :)

Norm - who tune and knows which stations not to use, name brand or not.

04-14-06, 10:49 PM
Maybe it doesn't matter but, I always use BPAmaco, Shell, or Mobil for all my cars. I will only use something else if I'm in a pinch. The aformetioned companies I feel have the cleanest fuel with less aditives and a better refining process. And once in awhile I run my Deville on BPAmaco 104 octane to clean the fuel system, that and it runs smooth as glass at any RPM.