: Drove A&A's head/cam V.....wow!

04-13-06, 02:43 PM
So I got a chance to take out the V that Charlie at A&A posted about. SInce the customer is relatively close to me, he invited me over for a spin..

The car at idle sounds just like mine. All I have done is b&b headers/ corsa exhaust. It sounds like a nice healthy catback with virtually no lope...very smooth. Inside of the car, I felt no chop during idle,,,

So anyways, enough about the idle, it was time to go for a spin,,,we walked it off the line (no high rpm launch) and punched it ( no hop)... my spine was in the seat cushion...I was surprised that it produced that kind of power with such a mild, virtually undetectable set-up. Hard 1-2 shift with absolutely no wheel hop. All of the power was to the ground..That things a rocket....

anyways, ran it through 4th and it felt real strong throughout all rpm's..

Charlie, Im impressed with the tune,,,,very driveable and no lope. WHAT A SLEEPER!!!

p.s. thanks for the drive Chris....a.k.a.- 10secvette

04-13-06, 03:05 PM
If A&A can setup a dyno/tune date in May, I'm in.

04-13-06, 03:54 PM
If A&A can setup a dyno/tune date in May, I'm in.

They can. :)

I think it's just up to us to pick a (probably) Saturday in May and head on over there. Charlie is pretty flexible, both in terms of when to do this, as well as his tunes. :worship:

blown black caddy
04-13-06, 04:29 PM
Hey I want to go also. Just trying to find either a CAI or just drop in a K&N filter for now! :bigroll: