: ???????who Moves The Race Threads And Why?????????

04-13-06, 11:36 AM
Can someone tell me why the race threads get moved everytime and WHO KEEPS MOVING THESE THREADS? You guys all seem to want supporters but I will tell you all one thing, whoever moves these threads everytime is only going to lose me as a supporter! AM I WRONG, OR IS THIS A CADDY V FORUM? Who cares about the other cars, on this forum anyway!? In the same aspect, who cares about the other cars, or the V's on a BENZ forum? This is partially what the forum is all about to me, and I am sure I speak for many supporters! I posted a thread about running a Charger SRT8 and it got moved now this guy posts a thread about running an SRT8 Magnum and it gets moved immediately! Another one was moved recently too! HOW CAN I CONTINUE TO SUPPORT A FORUM THAT MOVES THE THREADS I ENJOY THE BEST? Especially when the few that I write get moved, redirected or whatever? Isn't it interesting to hear the stories of the runs, even knowing that some are difficult to believe, but it is still fun to read and see if we all believe that it did happen that way and then comment on it?! You want supporters than support the threads as well!!!!!!!

04-13-06, 12:00 PM
this forum is for technical questions about the V, there is a seperate kill stories section. This board is not solely dedicated to the v's all cadillacs are welcome here. Post your story in the right forum and it wont get moved, just say My V killed so and so in the kill section, and read about it over there.