: Nasty Wet Carpet Experience '79 CDV

425 Dual Quad
04-13-06, 11:26 AM
:confused: Hi all, long time!
I thought I'd put a post here for your advice. I had a nasty wet carpet experience in my 1979 Cadillac Coupe de Ville the other day.
I took it out of 8 months storage, serviced it which involved fitting a missing thermostat and drove it 650 miles home to Ireland at c.80mph without a hitch.

However I got caught in the rain in Ireland on the way back and on using it recently the windows all steam up. I pulled up the carpets to find the passenger side underfelt sodden and the driver's side wet but less so. I dried it all out with fan heaters over a couple of days and when it was raining I noticed a trickle of water coming down past the heater box and onto the sound deadening pad over the top right side of the trans tunnel. I've stuffed it up with paper towels to see what happens when it next rains.

I've had the car 4 years and it has always lived outside so who knows how long this has being going on. The floors weren't rusted through or anything, far from it, good and sold, just damp.

The CDv has a bonded in windshield and I have been told that the adhesive holding the winshield in can go hard and brittle in time, allowing water to leak in.
Is this the case?
If so where does it come in and where do I start looking. The A pillars seem fine and dry and I can't think how so much water can go upwards from the bottom of the screen.
The car has used any coolant and the water doesn't smell of coolant. Nor do I get a smell of coolant when driving or operating the heater orA/C.
Any ideas where to start to look please?
thanks & best regards to all

04-13-06, 01:40 PM
Most likely it is the heater "box". If you look under the hood (on the passenger side) there is a is big plastic box. it is fastened to the firewall and sealed with an adhesive where the box and the firewall meet. This is the area most likely to leak when the sealer becomes brittle. What you may want to do is get a hose with a nice steady flow (do not put a nozzle on the end of the water hose and run it along the base of the windshield and then look where you saw the water leaking.

425 Dual Quad
04-20-06, 09:22 AM
Hi Elk,

Many thanks. Car has been standing a while. I take it you mean the seam between the heater box and the firewall. If the sealer there is brittle how is it best remedied I don't really want to have to remove the whole heater box!!


Night Wolf
04-20-06, 11:08 AM
The climate control passages are blockes up... drain poles pluged.

Remove the blower motor form the firewall, you'll see leaves, dead mice, mice nests etc... all in there... get a vacuum and suck it all out until its clean. Your blower motor will feel more powerful too.

I know.... my '79 had the same problem.

stuff falls into the air intake for the blower motor... try not to park under trees with leaves and stuff.

04-21-06, 10:48 PM
I had this problem on my 77 SDV. Every time it rained or I washed the car, the front footwells got wet. Rick has a good idea about cleaning out the blower motor housing. However, you may wish to see about resealing around the windshield. Solved my problem right quick. Good luck.