: Running Functional Test on my 94 Deville Concours.

04-12-06, 10:04 PM
here's the deal, the vehicle when in driver barely creaps along like the presure plate is not holding, I dont see any leaking tran fluid so I just got my 1994 servic manuals and started the "Function Test Procedures" outlined for the 4T80-E Auto Transaxle. I was doing the "PCM Data" Test Level check with the engine on and got the the "PD71 Transaxle Pressure switch State (PSM ZXY)". Well I started the test and had it in park/neutral and the reading was 111 which was a reading for being in D2, then proceeded to move to other gears and the reading for the TPS never onced matched the reading the book had for each gear. So now it makes sense why you can barely creap along like you hauling somthing. Has anyone ever worked on the TPS or done these types of test? I'm off to the next section to see if they will tell me how to fix it.