: Damn It!!!

01-17-04, 10:31 PM
Some idiots at my college stole my damn license plates last night....i have diplomatic tags and they took both of them off (this is actually now a felony offense against the state department)....its a pain in my ass, why do people have to be such aholes all the time?

01-17-04, 10:42 PM
I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a set of diplomatic plates, especially in New York, they open up all sorts of parking opportunites. Maybe someone swiped them for a collection. I've stolen a few, I mean my friend, stole a few license plates for his collection.:lildevil: The NYC Police plate is my personal fave.

01-17-04, 10:59 PM
"diplomatic tags "

why you have those ? im thinking your a diplomat .... from where ?

i would suggest a humble state plate if you can get them , would be less likely to get "ganked" and you wont call so much attention to yourself , then again you might miss doing whatever you want when your behind the wheel

01-18-04, 07:23 PM
yeah i guess if I wanted to piss someone off I would steal thier license plates. Its a pain in the ass to replace them. You better cancel them though. They may just used them in a crime and the cops may run your plates and target you. Be careful