: Stalling/Starting Problem

01-17-04, 07:17 PM
Just found this forum, couldnt find my problem after a search. Kinda Long post

Sun, 75F temp, 94 eldo drives fine
Mon, 30 F temp, fails to start, will crank, but dies immediately
Heard a clicking noise, and pulsing in the gas pedal. Saw no computer code errors.
Checked caddyinfo.com, sounds to me like the ISC problem (Idle controller)
I adjust the hex bolt the full range, no fix, same results
Tow to dealer, had good luck in the past (shift solenoid, radiator/coolant leak) The dealer says he can't diagnose the problem, because of the fires
What Fires?? I ask excitedly, He says, the oil leak ( i knew it leaked some) was pouring onto the cat converter, and they cant keep it running long enough to diagnose. needs another 5 hours at dealer rates!
I pay the dealer ransom, tow the car to local garage
Mechanic says needs a tune-up, replace fuel filter, plug wires, fouled plugs, cleans throttle body. Engine still runs rough, kinda like only 2 cylinders are working . Says "Injector Wiring Harness" is flaky/faulty. Says Replacement part is $1000
I call around to junk yards for used part, nothing found.
I have the car towed to home, figure for $1000 Ill try to repair the wiring harness. After removing the valve cover (I think, Im no mechanic, but for a $1000 saving Ill give it a try), and pull the injector connectors, and connector bundle, after depressurizing the fuel system Saw good continuity for every connection, between the big Harness connector and the individual injector connecters. So IConnect up the connector bundle, insert key, see 12 V on 4/8 injector connectors. Should I see it on all 8 individual injectors?
Im stumped. the harness continuity looks good to me. Its a bit oil soaked, is that normal? Before I try to reassemble everything, what more should I check? Does the local garage mechanic even have a clue?
Any advice would be appreciated!

Geno Castellano
01-18-04, 12:43 AM
You should see twelve volts at each of the injector connectors on one of the pins. The injector circuits are fairly simple - twelve volts comes from the injector fuse to the injector. Usually 4 injectors are feed off the same fuse in parallel. The 12 volts runs through the injector coil and goes to ground at the other terminal. That terminal of the injector is wired to the PCM. The PCM opens the injector by pulling the circuit to ground completing the circuit for the twelve volts.

Did you check the injector fuses in the fuse block? Maybe you have a blown injector fuse that feeds the 4 cylinders that do not have 12 volts.

The injector harness isn't likely to be damaged by oil. It's resistent to oil and it certainly wouldn't go "flaky" all of a sudden and lose power to 4 injectors. Check the power feeds at the jumper connector to make sure that power isn't being lost to those four injectors due to a bent pin or corrosion at that connector if the fuses are okay.

Any success at checking the fuel pressure? It needs to be checked to be sure this is not a fuel pressure related problem.

01-20-04, 10:35 PM

Your Diagnostic talent is AWESOME!
After reading your reply, I checked the fuse box, sure enough there are two of them, and one was blown.
I reassembled the injector wires, valve cover, etc., and it purred like a kitten.
I went a long way to find a blown fuse, but with your help I fixed it.
Thank You!

Geno Castellano
01-20-04, 10:41 PM
Great! I'm glad you found the problem. So much for the $1000 harness, huh? I'd go back to your "mechanic" and explain the diagnosis to him, too. Maybe he can learn something!