: Looking for a source of Northstar Engines

Induction Concepts
01-17-04, 02:45 PM
I have a project I'm working on where we would like to use the Cadillac Northstar engines in some project cars. I am looking for a source of complete engines with ECMs. I'll need one engine wiring harness, then I will have Painless Wiring make a custom harness for our application.

I need a source that could provide 30-50 engines per year. The engines would need to be the same model, can't take a chance of getting multiple engines with different sensors or needing a different harness or ECMs.

Can anyone provide this or point me in the right direction? I talked to GMPartsDepot.com and they said that GM was discontinuing 'production engines' for the Northstars, meaning I couldn't buy them straight from GM anymore. You can get 'service' engines, that are just replacements, they don't include any of the induction system or sensors.

Anyone have any suggestions? I really like the Northstar because it is packaged so great, the accessories are tucked up out of site, so it had a nice appearance once installed, plus it's a DOHC, 32v hemi! Just wish it had more cubes.

01-19-04, 01:44 PM
Will you be making a turbo for the North* !?!

Induction Concepts
01-19-04, 10:35 PM
Well, it's for a special application that we'd like to use the Northstars in, whatever we use will have twin turbos. The problem is it won't fit whatever you want to use it for, the kits are specific to not only the engine, but the engine compartment (mainly the engine compartment) as space is always a premium.