View Full Version : '88 Brougham - Oil Loss Problem - Burning or leaking?

04-10-06, 01:29 PM
I have an '88 Brougham D'Elegance with the 307 V8. For quite a while now it goes through an awful lot of oil. My mechanic is convinced that the car is burning it and that the engine needs to be replaced as rebuilding it is far too expensive. I don't think he is right as I have no loss of power, no smoke out the back, and the plugs don't foul. When I say it is losing oil, let me give you an example: I drove it from Toronto to Detroit and back (about 700 miles round trip) and I went through 7 litres of oil.

I know the rear main seal needs to be replaced as there are a few drops every time I park it, and the underside of the car is soaking wet behind the seal. The car seems to go through a lot more oil when on the highway as opposed to around town. My theory is that the oil is not burning, but instead is pouring out the main seal when at highway speed. My mechanic claims that this simply isn't possible and he is convinced that it is burning, and the reason I have no smoke is that it is being caught by the Catalytic Converter. Even so, I drive this thing on the highway at 70-80 MPH and there is plenty more power after that. Would a car burning that much oil be able to do that?

I asked him to do a compression test, but he said I would be wasting my money. I haven't spoken to him in a while as I'm convinced he is wrong.

Anyone have any ideas? Is my theory right. If this car really is burning oil and I need a new engine, then I give up and I'm going to sell it.

Also, does anyone know a good mechanic in the Toronto area?

04-10-06, 05:03 PM
A litre every 100 miles would have to be smoking. Put a pan under it and ket it runs at a cruise speed for awhile, (at least 10 min) and see how much oil leaked out. Figure aout 100 min for 100 miles and estimate how much it would have leaked.

I tend to agree with you...leaking