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04-10-06, 01:27 PM
Hi All:

Been lurking for a few months, trying to absorb all the info I needed before buying a V. Trying to find one out here in California, without a sunroof (need the headroom), not black, and for under $40K is a challenge. A lot of the ones I considered, including out of this area, have had multiple owners, even with 12K miles or less, and most of them have been driven hard and put away wet.

So, I was getting pretty discouraged. Was I ever going to find one? But now it doesn't matter, because I bought a Magnum SRT8! Hooooowee! This thing rips! No 6 speed, but the styling makes up for it. It ratchets heads like no new car I've ever owned. All for less than a used V.

You guys have a great forum. I may still snag a V in the future sometime.