: AFTERMARKET TINT - Which one to pick?

04-09-06, 03:51 PM
I can't figure out which tint to get. I don't want something too dark but I don't want that faded grey look either. I like some of the silver mirror gradient I have seen but I just can't decide. I don't know anything about tint, only that I am getting it done once so I will have to live with it.

04-09-06, 06:12 PM
Be careful ask the shop to show u a sample of the color before because some cheap tint can turn purple after a year or so.

Good black tint will fade slightly but it's normal.

Depends on what color car you have?

On a white car I'd go dark on the tints on a dark car I'd go lighter with the tints.

All depends on your personal choice what kind of look you trying to attain?

Just remember that SUV's have 20% tint in the rear windows limos have 5% tint. so depends on what looks you want.

For a modest look (means safe to roam wherever you want without looking suspicious) go 20% in the rear window 35% in the rear doors and 50% or lighter on the front windows 50% is almost see through but it does help with sunlight. I like 50% just so that the front windows don't look completely bald or plain in comparison to the rear windows.

Always go a little darker on the big rear window because since the front windshield doesn't have tint it always looks lighter once installed.

If you don't care and just want a really nice look IMO go 5% on the rears and 35% on the front windows. This will give you a limo look.

the only downside to any film over 35% is the decreased visibility at night so in the rear you'll be able to see headlights clearly but not really any car details. All I care about is being able to see if it's a cop or not.....which I can clearly do and in my rear window I have 2 layers one 5% and then 20% over that.

I also have 2 layers on my rear side doors dual 5% and my fronts are just 50% on 1 window.........I decided just one window because I was being stopped too much by cops and had to put a lighter color actually I'm supposed to have none on my front windows.I just have my drivers side tinted to help with the sun and minimize interior fading.

04-09-06, 06:50 PM
Our laws here in Delaware are 70% for the front sides and any darkness for the back sides and backglass.

Since the 70%, at least from what I've been told, is basically the same as nothing, I've been trying to figure out what to do with my '95 in order to stay COMPLETELY (I don't even want to try risking it) legal, but still block out some heat and improve the look a little.

I've never been to a tint place before, but I wish I had some idea of what might be good to go with in my situation beforehand...

04-09-06, 08:33 PM
Thanks, I forgot to mention my car is white with the black top. And I have seen a similar one with light tint and I really don't like how it looks. That was why I started this thread. I really like how yours looks makaveli... You keep it nice. I would like to see samples from some of these stores, I am not sure where to go for this excecpt car stereo installation place. I should look in the phonebook. Is there a certian brand I should look for?

04-10-06, 02:49 PM
I've actually forgotten what the good brand was but it's easy to tell a good brand from a cheap brand thickness wise or you can also ask if it has dual layers.

Good tints have one layer of the actual tint and another layer for protection which is just clear the extra layer helps aaaaalot to prevent rips from scratching or normal use. Most shops with a good client base use the good film because they don't want customers to return the next week complaining about rips or bubbles.

Post some pics of your car before and after.

this pic below is how it would look with 5% rears and 50% front this isn't the best look but it's legal enough that I haven't been pulled over in it. Here in illinois you can't have any tint whatsoever in the front windows not even clear....

On my caddy I had to change them to 50% recently because I was just getting ticketed too much, in chicago I've never had a tint related ticket but in the suburbs police don't have much to do so tinted windows are easy to ticket.

There's also a big heat difference between not having any tint and having 50% tints you can feel it easily when you roll down the window and the sun is hitting your arms etc.

Caddyguy 70% is noticeable but it's not an amazing difference it'll just give the front a subtle smokey look.

Also on the 94-96 fleetwoods the windows are a little greenish to begin with so tints look darker because of the factory green tint the windows have.

04-10-06, 03:32 PM
Interesting. A few people had told me it would look dumb having the rears a lot darker than the fronts, but that's going to be the only way I can go anyway, and don't think it'll look that odd.

I might be able to pull off 50% here (in place of the 70%), but we'll see. Actually, there's a really good auto glass place near home that does windsheilds, tinting, power sunroofs, etc., so I'll have to call them up or stop in.

Any extra protection or heat blocking is more than welcome for me, even if it is just a little (like the low fronts limit).

Did you have a more recent pic showing the 50% on yours??

04-10-06, 04:23 PM
I'm not sure why the pic didn't show before but here's a pic of the suburban with the same color tints as my car.

Right now my camera isn't working so I can't post a recent pic.

I'll admit if I didn't have so many tickets already and didn't have the looming threat of having my car impounded because of the same repeat offenses I'd prefer 35% or 20% which I had before because it's a more uniform look on the fronts.

I think it looks odd when you have absolutely no tints on the fronts then the car looks wierd but having a 70-50% tint gives it a smokey look and doesn't look bad IMO.

The other thing too is that it might only be 50% but the combined darkness of both windows makes it look darker than it is even 70% when looking at it with the sun out gives enough glare that you can't really look inside too well.

One little tip for night driving: if you ever get pulled over at night make sure to pull down your rear windows and turn on your interior light to relieve the cop's anxiety.

The truth is that even without tints if you don't turn on your interior light at night it can make a cop feel uneasy and cause a bad situation as is seen on the news so often.

04-10-06, 05:10 PM
Hmm...I guess the clearer stuff really doesn't darken a lot, but you wouldn't expect it to.

I think if I get it done, I'll likely do something just like on your 'Burban, very dark on the back and just the light smokey max on the front.

04-10-06, 05:53 PM
What I have noticed is especially with leather seats they don't get as hot as they do without tints.

The car still gets some heat but nothing close to without tints.

On the windshield I also had an 8" strip put on at the top for added sun protection on our windshields it's actually not that much because of the angle of it.

04-10-06, 06:15 PM
Makavelli, I love that Fleetwood....

There was a thread on here, I think it was under appearance, but someone threw in there a huge listing of what's legal in every state... they vary WILDLY.

Check that out before you make any big decisions.....

Also, Makavelli has a great point about WHEN you are pulled over... hopefully never, but if you are, don't give the officer any reason to panic... rolling 'em down & turning on the dome light is a great idea. Keep your hands in view at all times, up on the wheel.

I haven't been pulled over for years, but there was this one little incident, many years ago, where I was digging for my wallet, back pocket, and apparently he thought I was digging for a weapon... so the next thing you know, I have a Smith & Wesson against my left temple....

That is not a good feeling. I do not recommend that. After that, when pulled over, I just sat there, and when they asked for the license, I would always say "It's in my back pocket..." before I started reaching for anything.

04-10-06, 06:34 PM
I got some good info out of this post, much thanks. I heard from a friend about a place near us. I’ll stop by tomorrow and see what they have. He used them for his car and his girlfriends; I have only seen his and he got 20% all around on a Jetta. He’s got that black cloth interior so that crap looks almost limo. Being my car is white with the dark blue interior, I’m thinking about doing 20% in the back and rear and maybe 30% on the fronts. Maybe… I just want to check the samples.

If you got a 94-97 sedan deville or Fleetwood….. Do you know what this thing is…?

http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/rwd-19xx-1985-deville-fleetwood-1985/71329-what-hell.html :hmm:

04-10-06, 09:43 PM
I've been thinking of getting tint on my '83 Coupe Deville, I want it to look BLACK, but the legal limit here is 35%. so I'm thinking maby 20%? I don't do much night driving, but I still don't want to get pulled over. what do you guys think I should get? I've never had a car with tint before, so I don't really know how everything looks.

BTW, the car is white with saddle color leather interior