: Dashboard Confessions

04-09-06, 05:27 AM
I am going to be putting a aftermarket stereo in a 92-93 fleetwood, Does anyone know how to remove the interior parts to get to stereo, Does the stereo wiring diagram ie:color of wires to each speaker, etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated,,,,,

04-09-06, 02:41 PM
I'm not sure which car you're talking about...a '92 Fleetwood was a version of the FWD Deville and a '93 (made thru '96) was a large, RWD sedan.

If it's the latter, large RWD sedan, it's pretty simple to get to the head unit...

04-09-06, 06:18 PM
It is the 93 fleetwood Brougham, I need to know the wiring diagram to install an aftermarket stereo, ie: power, ground, memory, and speakers, someone told me they have a factory amplifier and it is a pain in the ass to install one. Is this true? Does anyone know how to do it?

04-09-06, 06:47 PM
Yes, it's a very weird setup. All the main "guts" of the stereo system are in the trunk, and the head unit you see in the dash is no more than a remote controller of sorts.

It's pretty much the same as any other car, I think, except that rather than being able to splice into a harness in the dash, you have to run it all the way back to the trunk unit for it to work. That, and there aren't exactly any wiring harnesses or diagrams made for this car since it's a bit of an oddball.

Still, lots of people have done aftermarket setups, several on this board in fact, so one should chime in soon.

In the meantime, if you still aren't sure, here's a good picture series that shows how simple it is to access the dash unit:


Basically un-snap the one piece of trim, and it's all just a few screws from that point.

04-10-06, 02:41 AM
I got access to the factory stereo pretty easy, popped the top woodgrain trim off, removed two screws, and popped the cover off. Then a couple of bolts holding the stereo in. I got the new stereo in, now awaiting instructions to running it to the amp. If someone could recommend the best route to run the wires it would be very helpful. If I can get some extra time to check out the setup I could figure it out. I am installing it for a neighbor, didn't think it would be this complicated. Anyway thanks for your responses, they have helped out greatly.

04-10-06, 07:08 AM
I think it's the strange title to this topic that is keeping people away ("Dashboard Confessions" doesn't sound like it has anything to do with a stereo system), but SOMEONE should respond here...

Just give it a little bit, and someone will come around...

04-10-06, 09:42 PM
Well I got it all done except for running the antenna wire. I didnt know that I would have to do that and by the time I got the wire it was too dark to do it. But the install was relatively easy. The amp has a diagram of the wires and I just spliced into the ones I needed. All in all its easy just a little time consuming.

04-10-06, 10:49 PM
Glad that you got it figured out:thumbsup:

It isn't that bad, just a little different.

I'm avoiding any of that mess for the time being, and will be popping in a new factory CD/cassette head unit to replace my cassette-only one, sometime the end of this week. Not the greatest system in the world, but it works well for me.