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04-08-06, 11:56 PM
I tried out a newer Cadillac before I bought my 1994 Sedan deVille (Yes, I know it means town car in French. I speak a little French. I have a Ph.D. and need to read in foreign languages.) On the newer car, the engine was way too powerful for the size of the car. Also the newer cars don't have the room the older cars have. I think that Cadillac owners (who are often older folks) need the room. I suggest that you make the new Cadillacs larger. If a person is going to buy a Cadillac, he/she knows that gas will be expensive. However, you might consider a hybrid Cadillac, or even, gasp, a 6 cylinder Cadillac. I would probably buy one if I could afford it. Nevertheless, a Cadillac should look and act like a Cadillac, and the new ones don't. But I love my 1994 Sedan deVille, and I never even liked Cadillacs.

04-11-06, 07:41 AM

That said...lol... The design of these things has gone down the toilet, which has already been addressed here... Also, I'm young... It's not just old people that want their car to look like something besides a jellybean with evil eyes.

I am not going to tsk tsk the engine too much... Part of what made Cadillacs look and act like Cadillacs was them always being the leader...a step ahead of all the other cars. A little more powerful and a little roomier and a little more comfy than the other "luxury" cars. Indeed Deville does mean Town Car, which is a good example of how Lincoln, for many years, tried to copy Cadillac but couldn't quite do it...and they didn't deserve to. It doesn't take as much to go "Hey look what they're doing...let's do it too so we can make money." But now there's nothing really that outstanding about them. I do think the transmissions and such should be designed to devote all this extra power they got out of it to mileage... If they can squeeze an extra 100 HP out of an engine without making it any bigger, they can give us some better MPG instead if we want.

In any case, I agree... Either Cadillac isn't too bright, GM's problems are affecting them too much, or there's some accounting for poor taste... Just like Disney, once the original generation goes away, that is, the ones who had to WORK to build that company to something that gave Cadillac their name, then so does the product that earned it. Any Sliders fans? Professor Arturo had a quote in that show that is very relevant here. "The idea of freedom is reborn with each generation... Only ONE generation...ever created the US Constitution." Same goes for Cadillac, unfortunately in both cases...

04-19-06, 03:05 AM
Lincoln has copied Cadillac forever and a day.
Those big dummies.
And then Cadillac forgot to hire me to design the '00 and up DeVille
And so of course this happened

04-19-06, 04:59 AM
Corporate America is a dying breed! I lived through the era when few people wanted a Japanese car! Now Toyota (say Lexus) is making the best cars on the planet. I recently saw the 2008 Lexus 600 L, the new Flagship for the Lexus Brand. While Lexus is also launching a new LS 460, which will be awesome, the new LS600 has a wheelbase which allows the rear seat 5 additional inches of leg room, the World's first LED headlamps, 430 HP normally aspirated V8, which is rumored to be a smooth as a V12 but with V6 economy, a 7 speed Automatic Transmission, and sheetmetal that is years ahead of BMW. I captured 7 pictures of it, but don't know how to post it.

I have said for awhile that Cadillac needs to at least produce a car worthy of its roots, a full sized, up to date Chromed, Luxury yacht, that will run with the best and offer a Flagship presence that Cadillac lost when it discontinued the Fleetwood.

I am not speaking for the Old, necessarily I am a Baby Boomer that has inherited my Parents Estate, work in Corporate America, married off the kid, and have more money to spend than I know what to do with. I need a new toy...I have been thinking BMW M6, it will be out shortly. I know dozens like me and their ripe for the picking (are you listening GM?).

Lord Cadillac
04-21-06, 11:18 AM
Here are Paul's pictures...

04-21-06, 03:20 PM
Cadillacs DO look like Cadillacs, where else inthe world have you seen a Lexus with the kind of distinct front and rear end that Cadillacs had and still now have, or for that matter when did you ever see another car that looked like a Cadillac ? NEVER! right, from days of old from the 50s, 1960s and 70s Caddys, not one CAR LOOKED like a Cadillac, NOT ONE ! To this day. You look at a Nissan or a Honda and it looks like a Mercedes Benz, show me one Cadillac that looks like an MB! THEY DONT EXIST.

GM have done a fine job to separate the 21st Century Cadillacs from the herd of look alike cars out there, You would not get me into an MB even if I was DEAD! as for a Lexus, God help me if I buy one of those! they are ugly. Come on GM roll out some more super duper concepts and Cars that people wanna drool all over , when is that V16 and all those beautiful concept cars I saw on your website last year, coming ?
Keep on building Real Cars !

04-21-06, 10:33 PM
Inferior soulless 7 series ripoff.