: Starter Enable Relay!! Found it, Cleaned it, Fixed it.!!!

01-16-04, 02:49 PM
was a balmy -14 today...so i took the pleasure of venturing into the cold determined to find this thing and solve this crap. after a few minutes of digging in a thick braid of wires, i came upon the starter enable relay( exactly where logan said it was, thank you!) wondering if i had to cut the wires to remove the unit, to my surprise and delight , the unit was not seal and pulled apart like a frigging plug!! Now this was to my delight because that meant that this sorta meant that this really could be the problem....i pulled it out and took a look at it...green...white ....rusty...unreal...

some tiny file action..clean the posts up, work it in and out of the adjoining plug and in a -13 degree atmosphere, started right up, for the first time since ive onwed it!! ( only 3 months)

now only a cold night, with heavy humidity will tell......cross my fingers.

thank you to everyone who has helped me out so far....saved me a lot of time and probably money...

01-16-04, 03:45 PM
Boy....if it looks that bad. I would plan on replacing it with a new one. Good to hear you found it....you would never even know it was there. We dont like to dig them out on warm days...

-14....ouch. C or F? Where are you located? I dont miss the north very much...51 and sunny today in Nashville.


01-16-04, 04:40 PM
yeah logan...thanks for the help bro....

im in canada, bout 40 mins east of toronto......-14 c..and thats warm around here right now....one of the only bearable days to even be outside.......!!!

yeah..it does look a little corroded...but yeah, i do plan on replacing the whole thing......anyways....big load of my chest......smilin again...

jon switzer
bowmanville ontario canada