: New Headunit

04-07-06, 05:34 PM

I tried to put in a head unit today and man was i made. I thought i would have to do some thing special but o man i just gave up and put the stock one in again. any one have any clue how to do this easly ? So far i was told buy all new speakers cause bose are low out put then run a new wire to ur left front door speaker for the door chime. the the stock unit must be relocated in the trunk while the new one is in front. then u need to re run all new wires for each speaker subs doors tweaters and bypass the amp i know there has to be another way but i just cant fond one out. If any one have any clue Please PLease help.

Thank you.

PS. i have a 98 with bose system.

04-07-06, 10:24 PM
If you like good quality sound than just dump the Bose junk and go for aftermarket (wires and all).

I have CDT CL-62 6.5" components in fiberglass door pods up front, pioneer 6x9's (I know 6x9's suck but I already had them) in the rear which I only use as back up subs when I need extra trunk space.
These are powered by an USAmps IS 4085 amp which I love.
In the trunk I have 2 12" Kicker Comp subs (not the greatest but sound OK in a sealed enclosure) powered by an old school kenwood amp.

The HU is an older JVC that will be replaced by an Eclipse soon.

It's a very inexpensive set up but it does sound crystal clear.

I'm all about a good front stage and a quality sound so the stock system was the first thing to go.

P.S. If you want some great front speakers but don't want to make any fiberglass pods look into the CDT EF line. They are a much shallower mounting speaker and fits perfectly into the Cats door.

04-08-06, 05:54 PM
I just put a Pioneer head unit in my 97 Catera. Someone stole my Bose unit, and I couldn't even find the wires to hook back up to even if I wanted another Bose. I just ran all new wire from the Pioneer to all 4 of the Bose speakers (I didn't hook up the tweeters). It wasn't that big a job, and the sound is incredible. KILLER bass from the Bose speakers. Just run the speaker wire for both the back ones down one side, under the trim molding, then run both the door speaker wires. It really wasn't hard at all, just took a couple of hours and all the wires are hidden, it turned out really well. I hope this helps you tackle it!

04-08-06, 07:54 PM
So i dont need to relocate the bose unit in the trunk for what evr reason just run new wires to each speaker?

04-09-06, 08:38 AM
That's right, just bypass any Bose components altogether, a good head unit will have plenty of power to make the speakers sound good. Mine has 200 watts, and it really does sound great.

04-09-06, 09:34 AM
using bose speakers with aftermarket hu = BAD

will blow your hus amp up

04-09-06, 06:01 PM
Well if my head unit blows up, I'll certainly say that it did. All I'm saying is mine sounds great, and has for quite some time now. That's all I have to go by is my own experience.