: How to replace Warning Lamp "strip?" bulbs?

04-07-06, 04:26 PM
The info center or whatever Cadillac calls the "hidden strip accent" of warning lamps is in need of replacement bulbs...but it doesn't seem there's a way to 1) pop the face off or 2) take it out, since screws are in reverse, and are not accessible w/o pulling the dash out...

My current warning lamps do not function:

Level Ride (it works, but doesn't tell me, other than the volts going down when it kicks in)

Security System

and the current features do not function:

Power Locks

Any way to figure out how to replace the burn't out bulbs? i don't want to break the cluster or try w/o knowing the proper way, and are my Power Locks linked to my Security System, being a limo, it had a siren, but when i got it, it had fried and melted, so i disconnected it for safety till a new one is installed...don't suppose that disables my locks?

04-07-06, 04:57 PM
I think you have to take the dash apart to change those lights. I think there are some posts here that say how to do it or a service manual definately will. It doesn't sound like that security system is factory so you'll have to look at the wires to see if that's whats making the locks not work or if it's something else.

04-09-06, 10:03 AM
I found the way on a wayyy past post..it seems the dash needs to have the top removed to replace the "strip" bulbs...i found out there's not a SECURITY SYSTEM bulb, though the template is there, since there's no place for a socket, meaning my car wasn't equipped...odd for a Limousine?

The LEVEL RIDE Lamp was loose, it is very hard to notice, cuz like the WASHER FLUID lamp, it's a green lamp with only the letters lit dimly, not the blaring easy-to-notice red lighted black letter lamps like CHECK ENGINE and BRAKE, also lights that stay lit on my Caddy..