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01-15-04, 10:50 PM
I have a 96 Deville with NStar engine. It has a fairly severe oil leak. A mechanic friend (soninlaw father) indicated that this was a problem due to aluminum block and oil pan. He said it could be fixed for a short time but would come back. Is this true according to your experience? He suggests living with it. Have you found a cure? The mechanic I've been using to service the car said he would seal the pan for about $1500.

01-16-04, 04:03 AM
I had this done to my 95 deville concour at a 60,000 mile service a few months ago and don't regret it, I weighed the options of buying another car or getting it fixed, and decided it was worth the $4,000 price tag for all new hoses, belts, oil leak fix (timeserts) and the 60,000 service...but thats me. From what I understand the improved seals do a better job, but the other folks who frequent this forum could probably give you a better recommendation on the longevity of them, best of luck on whichever route you take.

01-16-04, 11:04 PM
Has anyone taken the time to properly diagnose the oil leak?? It cannot be diagnosed over the internet or by a friendly mechanic offering friendly advice.

Get under the car, clean up the oil and start the engine and find where it is leaking. A decent garage or a Cadillac dealer can put the flourescent dye in the oil and see the actuall seepage very quickly and accurately with a black light.

More common leaks oil leaks are the oil cooler line fittings and the oil filter adapter the block. The oil filter adapter to block joint is very easy to reseal with new o-rings. Unfortunately, when the oil filer adapter leaks it drains down onto the lower crank case splitline joint and the oil pan joint and makes it look like those are leaking.

Proper diagnosis is crutial to proper repair of the leak for the most reasonable cost. Don't skip this step. Just pulling the engine to reseal the lower crank case joint may fix something that isn't broke.... You'll never know though because that oil filter adapter will be resealed in the process....but you didn't have to pull the engine to R&R the oil filter adapter.

If it is the lower crank case seal it can be repaired quite effectively and the repair is very robust...if the mechanic knows which updated seals and processes to use....