: SERVICE NOW and SERVICE SOON LIGHT,No Climate Control or Fuel Economy Lights.

Jonas McFeely
04-05-06, 05:35 PM
Ok,so im driving along,in traffic,listening to my system,heading home,and I notice the SERVICE SOON and SERVICE NOW lights were on,the service now light was a bit dimmer though.My AC was blowing cold,but the lights had turned off and so had the fuel economy lights(i have the 4100).So i was like wtf.I pulled into a shopping center and turned the car off for a few minutes.Started it back up,still nothing,no lights and the service lights were on.The car,runs,idles,drive smooth as ever with no problems,its just these damn lights came on all of the sudden and now the AC wont turn back on and the lights wont light up.

Any ideas?

04-05-06, 09:35 PM
Well, the service engine lights usually have something to do with the emissions control equipment. If something is seriously wrong with the emissions systems, I think these cars were programed to shut down peripherals like the climate control. Check the emissions systems including the cat. If they're OK, you may have larger electrical gremlins at work. A factory service manual would be very helpful for advanced diagnosis. Good luck.


Jonas McFeely
04-06-06, 05:13 AM
Thank you,i'll check it out today,and also look at the fuses.