: Not really a Caddy

Fiero STS
01-15-04, 08:18 PM
I don't own a Caddy, but I do have a Caddy engine. I have an '86 Fiero with a nice '98 N* for motivation. Been told its the nicest looking V8 swap in a Fiero that people have ever seen. It's also the winner of the Pontiac Fiero 20th annivesary Fiero show's Best of Show - Re-engineered trophy. I even had one guy at a World of Wheels show ask me why Pontiac put a Caddy engine in the Fiero.

01-15-04, 09:01 PM
Sounds great. I have read quite a bit about Fiero V8 swaps, mostly about Chevy small blocks with the manual transmissions. Does your Northstar bolt up to the Fiero trans, or dit you swap in the whole STS drivetrain?

You should post a photo.

Fiero STS
01-15-04, 09:10 PM
Here are some pics

01-15-04, 09:21 PM
Yikes! I thought my engine swap was a tight fit.

Looks like a clean installation. Nice job.

01-15-04, 10:34 PM
Nice job.Yes, very nice job.

My mom owned both of GM's 'short lived' rear engine cars. She had a Corvair and a Fiero GT.

I never drove the Corvair as I was too young, but the Fiero was a little scary feeling as the front end was too floaty. I read that they fixed it the year they killed it.

01-16-04, 06:07 PM
What kind of times have you ran? I would love to hear of the performance?

Fiero STS
01-16-04, 07:46 PM
Have not had it to a racetrack. I was scheduled to go once last summer but the guy I was going with broke down so we didn't get there. Maybe this summer.

01-16-04, 10:50 PM
"I read that they fixed it the year they killed it."

yup 88 got lotus tuned suspension , wouldnt be a hard fit either , front suspension came from a chevette , which shared its suspsion with the isuzu i mark of the early 80s and impluse of the mid 80s which boath came with lotus suspsenion

fierosts , badass car dude , im still keeping my eyes peeled for a 88gt with a manual trans and t tops , welcome !