: Parts swapping

Fiero STS
01-15-04, 07:41 PM
I have a 2000 N* and a 95 N* I want to swap all the electronics from the 95 to the 2000, including ignition coils and valve covers. The intake and water manifold and exhaust manifolds would also be swapped. I will use the 95 ecm, will this work?

01-16-04, 11:21 PM
No, that will not work at all. Period. The fundamental difference that is the first thing to stop you with this idea is the crank sensors. The crank sensors for 2000 MY and later are COMPLETELY different from the 99 and earlier. Even the location of the sensors in the block are slightly different. The other thing that is not so obvious is that the reluctor ring pattern on the crank is completely different on the 2000 and later compared to the 99 and earlier. The 1993-99 cranks sensors are "dumb" and just feed the info to the electronics in the coil pack The 2000 and later sensors are "smart", have the electronics in the sensors and feed the info directly to the PCM. The 2000 and later PCM is comletely different (different manufacturer(Siemens), different soft ware, etc...) Nothing similar at all. To top if off the cam covers will not interchange either. The covers and such changed in 2000 to accomodate the other changes to the head to incorporate the roller finger followers.

The only way to use a 2000 engine with the 95 computer and ign coils is to cut the reluctor ring off of the crank of the 95 and bolt it to the damper externally. Mount the 95 crank sensors on a bracket by the reluctor wheel and you could make it run....

The intake water crossover and such are all different between the 95 and 2000 and will not bolt up nor interchange.

You are out of luck on this one.....

Fiero STS
01-17-04, 09:30 PM
Thank you for the info. Now I eather need someone to reprogram my ecm or find a 98 0r older engine.