: West Chester,Pa area meet!?

04-04-06, 10:14 PM
I've got an 04' Raven CTS-V. Wondering if anyone around the area has something nice to show. Anyone have any ideas for a meet or maybe a cruise? Chime in with ur inputs!

04-05-06, 08:41 AM
WC is my home town (well, Exton, actually, but nobody is really "from" there anymore. Henderson, '71). Live about an hour from there now down in Salem but I might like to visit the old homestead one of these days. Perhaps a cruise or meet down near Longwood Gardens might be nice...

I'll keep an eye on the thread and see. I'm thinking there are a fair number of Caddy owners in the ChesCo/Wilmington area...how many of them see this forum is another question altogether, though.

04-06-06, 11:56 PM
Damn, if only this had been mentioned sooner..haha. I was living in West Chester and going to school in Exton for the past year and a half. Now I'm in Florida for another 3 weeks until I move back to Jersey. Oh well....next time I guess.

04-15-06, 03:47 PM
Pittsburgh PA here
97 ETC

04-15-06, 04:56 PM
Hmm I'll be back home in Jersey in 2 weeks or so.....only 2 and a half hours from WC. I've got friends living in the area and wouldn't mind a trip if something was goin' on.

04-17-06, 08:47 PM
I'm in the Philly/Bucks County area. Where is West Chester?

04-19-06, 08:41 PM
I'm in the Philly/Bucks County area. Where is West Chester?Where in Bucks County you at? But West Chester is about 45 minute drive from me. It's basically straight up the PA Turnpike

04-26-06, 06:43 PM
I'm in Warminster.